Saturday, March 9, 2013

the shadowlands

 (spent a very long time at a laundromat today, convinced me at I need to purchase a washer and dryer for home.) 

(eeep! just noticed a stain on my dress. well, at least this shows how much I "live" in my clothing. I am not afraid of getting things dirty.) 

(tower of books at Prosperos.

(rain coat/dress/collared shirt/hat/loafers: thrifted, belt: from a friend, tights: h&m.)

   I am in complete confidence that weather 100% controls ones mood. The rain and the lack of sunshine allowed me to sleep late, but in return, never allowing me to get out of bed. I guess that is a perk of being on break, not so much feelings as if I "have" to do lots of things on one of my only free days. 
   Mostly, this Saturday, I spent lounging around my home reading, watching The Tudors on netflix (I am quite obsessed?), and cleaning some. I later ventured out to grab a latte for some warm, to Prosperos Books, and do much needed laundry.  The only thing that was exciting about my day was being able to wear my beloved raincoat. I got this from a friend whom worked at Goodwill, and at the time that was a huge perk. My favorite part is the inside of the jacket, which is all filled with pretty flowers and colors. So much of Spring is happening with this coat.


  1. Love the coat,such nice colour!
    Great look,lovely photos :)

  2. You are absolutely right, weather totally controls one's mood! It has been quite rainy for a while here, so... well, I try to take the most out of wearing my different rain coats. x)
    Lovely pics!

    xx Kaisa

    Ps. Thanks for the comment on my blog!

  3. I really like the tights you're wearing. And Laundromats are really kind of interesting places. You see the most diverse group of people thrown together.

  4. The blue coat is gorgeous, bright and lightening bad weather blues :) x

  5. Such lovely photos xx

    ide love if you checked my blog out x

  6. Love your bright raincoat and bright tights, what a nice lining the coat has.
    The weather looks terrible, I too have little motivation for getting out and about when its cold and damp, I much prefer to be inside crocheting watching a film

  7. Oh, I love fun raincoats! What a nice gesture by your friend, the color of this one is beautiful. I did laundry all afternoon as well and it is just as dreary here! But I must admit, I love rainy weather.

  8. Have a great Springbreak! Mine is over now :( But I had a really great time! I love your blue coat!



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