Sunday, April 21, 2013

airplane of food

(vegans can have fun too.. Tofutti cookies and cream ice cream sandwich.) 

(lunch at KC Smoke Burgers on W 39th Street in the late afternoon.) 

(bright "flowers" for craft projects.) 

(cardigan: from my mom's closet, blouse/belt/scarf: thrifted, skirt: self-made, tights: target, oxfords: nine west

   I believe Sundays have become my time of lounging, laundry  eating out, and grocery shopping. Almost every Sunday, my boyfriend and head to West 39th Street to go to a local laundry mat (no washer or dryer for us since we moved into our house!) and soundly take our time while roaming the neighborhood shops/dining areas. Sometimes, it is actually quite nice to be "stuck" in an area for a moment and having to explore with the time you are allowed.
   I am usually not a frequenter at Whole Foods (I much prefer Trader Joe's to any other grocery store) , but this afternoon we made a stop and browsed around the store. I believe I have been so perceived by Trader Joe's, that I forgot how much "health food" and vegan options actually cost. We just ended up with a few items, some bottled sodas, and a few things from near-by stores. Oh, and of course, vegan ice cream sandwiches. 


  1. Your outfit is so springy and pretty! :) Also...I hate how expensive "healthier" options are. It sucks to have to pay more to eat healthier! >:|

  2. My Sundays are basically the same, minus the grocery shopping. I love Sundays! And I love veggie burgers, yum!
    Your skirt is so pretty and I love your hair.

  3. Virgil's sodas are so amazing!!!

  4. That is such a pretty skirt, well done you to have made it yourself! The colour against the berry red cardigan is gorgeous.

  5. You made that skirt?! It is gorgeous! I really love the fabric you chose, my my. This is a lovely look and sounds like a lovely day as well! Our Sundays are usually lounge-y too, they're nice for that :) Sounds like some yummy food too! I haven't had an ice cream sandwich since I was a kid.

  6. Wow, I wish I had such skirt *_* wow

  7. This post has me yearning for a veggie burger and yummy cream soda! Okay and maybe one of those sandwich cookies too :) Love this pretty skirt, you look gorgeous! Hope you had a good weekend!
    xo Hannah

  8. This is such a beautiful outfit! I adore that skirt - such a great colour :) Oh I am totally craving a veggie burger!


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  9. trader joe's is the best!!! and such a lovely circle skirt - love the vibrant colors! :)

  10. What a lovely outfit!!! I love trader joe's and Whole foods but they are both about a half hour away from us so we go every other week- we do the majority of our shopping at the Farmer's market and Shop Rite- and a few things from our local natural foods co-op. I LOVE trader joe's though- especially for organic produce, it is SO much more affordable than other store's organic fruits and veggies. What a lovely outfit you have on, too! I love those colors together, so fun! :)


  11. That skirt is beautiful, so unique. And congrats on being in the paper. Good job!

    Ali of

  12. love your blog mr rabbit XD <3 you're cute and fun that 's all i loveee <3


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