Thursday, April 11, 2013

busy being busy

 (baked some peanut butter rice krispie treats to help me get through some tests this week.) 

(coat/skirt: thrifted, sweater/boots: from my mom's closet, tights: target, belt: h&m

   Cloudy days have been constant here in Kansas City lately. I have been cycling through my boots and few pairs of water-resistant shoes, but I just want to wear my dainty flats rain clouds! Life has been in a cloud too; as usual I have overwhelmed my schedule with school and that is been almost all of my time spent lately.
   As the busyness of college keeps me occupied, I feel like I haven't been connecting with my readers as much and I want to try my best to do and keep up with it as much as possible! You'll just have to bear with me while I have made an extremely demanding schedule for myself. With talking about my blog, I have recently been asked to demonstrate a "DIY" on a local television station next week... yes, I'm going to be on TV! If anyone has any advice to give on speaking in front of the camera, I would be forever grateful! I tend to giggle quite a bit when public speaking. 


  1. That coat is darling!!

  2. Good luck on TV (that's exciting!) and with your tests!
    That peanut butter crispy looks delicious! :)

  3. Loving the skirt...

  4. What an exciting news ! I'm sure you deal with it and you are going to be stunning in TV :) I keep my fingers crossed for you!
    Sometimes being busy is good, but sometimes all we dream of is rest.
    Anyway, you look beautiful, just like always <3

  5. Love the black and white check skirt. The look is very 60s, I love it!

    Emma x

  6. your header is so gorgeous! And I love the skirt xx

  7. lovely outfit! and good luck with your tv interview! :)

  8. Great photos! I love your skirt.


  9. That cute bow belt is the perfect piece! I love this entire outfit :)

    Trendy Teal


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