Tuesday, April 9, 2013

impromptu "q&a" video

   Hello friends and followers! As I said in an earlier post, and on my instagram, that I decided I was going to do a "Q&A" video from various questions I have received. I received a lot of feedback on ideas for questions to be answered, so to spare an extremely long video, I just answered a few that I felt would be a good fit. This is the first video I have made, and this was done on the first shot.. hints Jeff the cat hopping in and out of frames! Who knows.. maybe I'll try and make another in the future that isn't so impromptu! 
   If there was a question you saw that I didn't answer, let me know below in a comment and I will reply with an answer! I also hope Jeff made you laugh.. I know I was most of the time and while watching it after! 


  1. This is such a great idea :) I love how the cat stole your stool and assaulted the camera :P

  2. this is such lovely idea! i love Q&A videos cus I can meet blogger more, thank you for sharing !

  3. Yayyy you answered my question :)
    I love seeing vlogs, it's so nice to hear bloggers speak! And it's so cute that your room mates cat decided to be included in the video haha

  4. Hi! Cute blog. I like the your style. Having the cat in the video was so nice :)

  5. Hi, I think you've done quite professional video especially for first time! With time it will be much much better!!!!
    I have one question:) did you buy domain name for this blog you do you use wordpress or you just bought name on google blogger? :) I've been thinking to move to Wordpress , what do you think about that?

  6. I love so much your style ! I follow you now ;)

  7. I love that your mom influenced you in your decision to blog!


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