Saturday, May 25, 2013

time passages

 (new tomato plant, along with another needed to be planted.) 

(dress: boomerang, heels/necklace/floral purse: thrifted) 

   While most have exciting and travel plans for Memorial Day weekend, I have decided to venture around in nearby places for the days off. My summer classes don't start for another week, so my main mission is to do many thing I know I will not be able to constantly do.... such as relax and take my time. Having time is a treasure.
   Saturdays, I believe, are meant for antiquing at Henry's Tea Room  grabbing coffee and a cupcake at my favorite vegan bakery, visiting family, and planting new plants. And that's exactly what I did... oh, and wear new dresses from my favorite vintage store. I hope everyone had a time filled day. 


  1. You look lovely, I love your little shoes especially! xxx

  2. Aaaw, this is an extremely pretty dress! ^_^

  3. What a dreamy dress! the floral, and the purple? man, you rock with finding cute stuff. I also really really love that necklace. planting plants sounds so fun! I wish it was a hobby I kept up with. I tried it for a little while but all my plants died because I wasn't very responsible )-:

  4. i love that vanity set, they're always so pretty but i can never afford them when i see them in antique shops.

    little henry lee

  5. Just when I thought you can't get any cuter, you wear this! So lovely.


  6. Lovely dress,I love the colors :) xx

  7. I'm taking a summer class, too! Mine doesn't start until Wednesday, though. It's nice to knock a class or two out in the summer, isn't it? :D

    I seriously adore you shoes, eeek! They remind me of Cinderella for some reason--like something that the stepmother would wear, haha (but you are totally cute and NOT evil). The little bow on them is just perfect~!

  8. cute vintage dress <3333

  9. Your blog is so cute! And the dress.
    I'm lovin' it.

    Cheers from Jakarta,

  10. good post. I may be one of the lucky ones able to read and see your post.
    Come on Look And Registere Now

  11. That dress is so cute, and I really love your bag too. You look so adorable and lovely, as do the weather, plants, antiques and (especially) the cupcake!! :)


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