Monday, June 10, 2013

build me up buttercup

(dress/blouse/hat/shoes: thrifted, tights: target, flower pin: re-run's

   Summer is finally starting to settle in. I believe the rain is starting to die down, the sun rays are in full blast, and the parks are packed of noises. Currently being a nanny means many trips to parks, many walks to parks, and many picnics at parks. A goal, as of now, is three different parks in one day within a very small mile radius, which makes me thankful there are so many of these within the area I live. Being up in a household for a long while makes for unentertained children, and I couldn't be happier when our days are filled with new locations outside. 
   I feel as if I am updating this blog more frequently, which is the hint of being "summer break" (well, with summer courses), and I have been documenting more of my daily life. I am seeing this blog as more of a journal, a place to showcase my personal style and lifestyle as of now. I am not sure if I have ever come across and said this here, but I am really thankful for the people who read along with me and the ones I have met. Life is meant to be shared. 


  1. You never call baby when you say you will!

    You always have the cutest posts.

  2. What a lovely outfit. Happy to see you are enjoying your summer break Lindsey! <3


  3. Very lovely!
    Love your outfit.

  4. Oh, how nice that you're near to so many parks in your area! I agree, kiddos are much better when they are able to be outside and active. I was a nanny one summer and the rainy days were the worst! You look super adorable, as always :) I really love that little hat-it matches your outfit so well!

  5. You have such a cute style! You actually remind me of my friend Kassandra!

  6. Very cute outfit :)

  7. i love your dress! so cute!

  8. Your style is so cool! I love everything about it. I'm following you now xoxo

  9. I love your style! so preppy and cute :))
    I'm a new follower here! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Hope you follow back.
    Excited to read your new posts.. Hope we keep in touch

  10. thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I look forward to our mutual stalking :)

    and beautiful outfit, by the way. I love the little flower -- perfect touch. :)


  11. I love the pop of colour on the legs! This outfit looks fab :)

  12. I love denim dresses & this one is super adorable <3


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