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second-hand shopping in kansas city: the list (part 1)

   Hello local (and those who love traveling) readers, this post is especially for you. I have comprised a list of some of my favorite thrifting and antiquing spots in my hometown of the Kansas City metropolitan area. This list focuses on selection, quantity, and inexpensive finds... because let's face it, when you go on a hunt you are always looking to snag sales and those "I purchased this for one dollar" items. With this list those stories will happen, and will not put a dent in your coin purse. 

Rainbow Thrift4501 Rainbow Blvd, Kansas CityKS 
Why is this on the list? Rainbow Thrift is a little spot I discovered about a year ago. I was completely impressed with there variety of items in their store front; a complete section for "vintage" clothing items, a second floor of odds and ends, and a full area of furniture. Their selection seems to change so often, every time I venture in there is much to be seen. Also, the owner is as friendly as can be. 
Best find? Vintage photographs (6 for $1)

Grandpa's Used Furniture & Stuff10112 E Truman Rd, Independence, MO
Why is this on the list? I found this store on a drive back from the suburbs to Kansas City, which is about ten minutes from the downtown area. There is a huge selection of thrift/second hand shops on Truman Road in this area, and I found this to be my favorite. They are connected to Mockingbird Auctions, which also serves as an auction house during Mondays. The store as more than just used furniture, there are so many odds and ends that you could spend hours here.
Best find: a 1970's National Geographic Atlas book ($4). 

Re-Run's Vintage Warehouse: 1408 W. 12th St.Kansas City, MO
Why is this on the list? If you are a frequenter of my blog, you probably have heard me rave about my love of this place. Probably about half of my wardrobe is from this warehouse, which includes most of my favorite pieces. The warehouse sells vintage clothing items, from the 1980's all the way to the 1920's, and has rooms for each decade of style. The clothing is all priced at thrift store prices. 
Best find: a 1960's collared dress ($10). 

The Salvation Army: 3013 E 9th St, Kansas City, MO
Why is this on the list? I first went to this thrift store when I lived in the Crossroads district of Kansas City, because I googled where the close thrift store was to my loft. I was expecting the typical "Salvation Army" store, when I came to realize that their clothing is 50% every single day, unlike other Salvation Armies. Yes, every day! 
Best find: a summer wrap dress ($4).  

John Knox Village Thrift Store400 NW Murray Rd  Lee's Summit, MO
Why is this on the list? This was my favorite thrift store since I starting thrifting in high school. Located in a suburb of Kansas City, John Knox Village Thrift Store is well worth the driving trip. If I had to rate the most inexpensive thrift store on this list, this would be number one. There assortment of socks, scarves, and books are my to-go spots in the store. 
Best find: a vintage Christain Dior sweater. ($3). 

Weird Stuff Antiques901 Tracy Ave  Kansas City, MO
Why is this on the list? After my extremely recent visit to his antique store, I completely fell in love. They have the wildest and largest array of items, even a entire area of prop displays you can rent. The antique store is not just a place to gaze shelves of theater props, they also have a vintage clothing section and copious amounts of wall decor. This is a great place to spend an afternoon (they are even open daily, except for Sunday). 
Best find: a fortune telling tea cup (50 cents). 

Maj-R Thrift: 2842 W 47th Ave, Kansas City, KS
Why is this on the list? This is the spot I believe most people who reside in Kansas City will know about and I had thoughts of not putting this on the list. I discovered this spot when I first moved to the city in 2011, and it is a great place when you need a quick thrifting adventure. They have weekly clothing discounts on the weekdays, and seasonal sales throughout the months. 
Best find: a perfect mustard cardigan ($4). 

Lee's Summit Social Services Thrift Shop: 108 4th St Lee's Summit, MO 64063
Why is this on the list? This shop may seem small, but "used-to-be" garage is the greatest treasure hunting you could wish for. On an average day, most of the items are 50% off their already extremely low price, and various other sales randomly throughout the weeks. They are fully stocked on linens, dishware, and crafting supplies. 

Best find: Mason jars/lids (10 cents a piece).

   I tried my hardest to create a list in which Kansas Citians can discover at least one new place to add to their thriving list. I have also decided I will continue with a "part two" for an addition to this post, within the next upcoming months. I hope both local, and far away, can appreciate this post and use it to explore more areas either in Kansas City or other lands. Until the next "Second-hand Shopping in Kansas City" list, happy treasure hunting! 


  1. This is a great list! I wish someone would do one of these for Nashville! Looks like you've got some great thrift ing in your area.

  2.! i need you to do me a london-based one please, as i constantly find it so hard to uncover great-but-inexpensive thrift shops here!

  3. aaaaw kansas city! this sound great

  4. What what you have found a real vintage
    Dior sweater for just 3 bucks?! Okay, I
    got that thrift store on my list! Thanks
    for the recommendation as well c: Xx

  5. you rock for making this list...there are many i have not been to before and plan on making a little adventure out of. thank you thank you!!

    xx, amanda

  6. Awesome list! I've been planning a thrifting daytrip to KC for this fall. You should take a trip here to Wichita! We have some great shops, too :)

  7. cool blog, i love the blog header! im into personalised headers <3
    love Rachael
    Poses with Roses

  8. Hey hey, I'm literally in love with your blog, first time visiting and I'm already "addicted" eheh, everything is amazing! Keep going with the excellent work!!

    With love, Bárbara

  9. I have to admit... I'm not a super skilled thrifter, but I aspire to be. I'm bookmarking this list for when I make it to Kansas City. And I will one day!

  10. this makes me want to hop on over to kansas city! lovely list of places!

  11. I wish I would live in a City where
    there were so many amazing thrift shops as well. :)
    Every single one you've listed sounds amazing.
    I will definitely check them out if I ever visit Kansas City. ;)
    And I'm following your lovely blog back now. :)

  12. Ahh I've been having such an itch to go thrift shopping lately, this does not make it any easier!
    Will have to take a day and dedicate myself to it =)

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog ||


  13. Thank you SO MUCH FOR THIS! This is pretty much exactly what I have been needing!


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