Sunday, August 4, 2013

coconut bible

(my not-so-healthy obsession as of lately.) 

(everything worn here is either thrifted or vintage) 

   Sundays are those days that are meant for sleep... the day of resting and rainy sits on your front balcony  A day for baking, using your Paypal cash to order old books, cooking your dinner with the crock pot, walking around your unnormally vacant neighborhood, giving your cats lots of treats, and deciding which sweater you are going to wear for the first day of autumn. Or maybe that's just how I spend my rainy Sundays. 
   After working this early Sunday morning, I grabbed brunch at 75th Street Brewery in Waldo with some family friends from out of town. I had the most amazing kale, quinoa, and blueberry salad and I am proud to say I already finished the leftovers. I also browsed through the late afternoon farmer's market scene in the City Market for baking and weekly produce... which is a normal Sunday act on my part. I am ready to start one of my last weeks of summer break, and hopefully the weather will stay in the rainy state (for once, I am completely enjoying it).


  1. Such a cute outfit :) I know I've said this (countless times), but your city is so so cute. Also, Jarritos IS THE BEST :)

  2. My every week highlight is to go to the market on Saturday afternoon and to have a big fresh smoothie in my kitchen afterwards. Looking at your nice Sunday reminds me of my Saturdays :)
    Beautiful pictures, as usual :)
    Have a good start in the week!


  3. I'm so glad you commented on my blog the other day because I feel like I just met a new friend. I love your photos: clothes, thrift stores, food... and can't wait to spend more time with your blog!

  4. sunday sounds so relaxing and laid back~

  5. ahhh, this is so lovely!! your fashion taste is darling, pretty lady and all your stills are lovely! thanks for leaving the sweet note in my garden walk, love. ;) xx

  6. I love the color of your tights! It's so soft and beautiful. I wish I could pull off rosy cheeks like you can! You remind me of Lisa Loeb. You have such a sweet style. <3

    The Pintuck Owl

  7. Your idea of a Sunday sounds absolutely perfect. I think I'll start counting down the days until the next one....:)

  8. Your skirt is just so adorable! And those tights are just great!


  9. This looks like an ideal Sunday! Also, your tights are perfect. :) Your little corner of the internet is very charming.


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