Friday, August 2, 2013

miracle mile

(everything worn here is either thrifted or vintage) 

   The River Market is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Kansas City. The atmosphere of the area is overwhelmingly calm and a perfect spot for summer time afternoons. I love the little bakeries, Italian markets, and the City Market park that is in the heart of the neighborhood. The streets are fulled with cobblestone and the buildings with bricks... the walks around here are wonderful.
   This Friday I was very occupied with watching my friend's very little kitten. I have the softest spot in the world for baby animals (doesn't everyone though?) and I had so much fun playing with him. Although both of my almost two year old cats were not as fond of him, the little guy made me long for those winter days when mine were that tiny. Having two cats is enough for me at the moment though. 


  1. So cute!

  2. Love your outfit, and all that yummy looking food is making me hungry! Also, that kitten! Be still my heart!

    Ladyface Blog

  3. This looks like such a charming neighborhood and your outfit seems to fit the vibe perfectly. You look so cute in that hat too :)

  4. Looks like such a sweet space with some great looking food! Also babysitting a kitten seems like a perfect job for a day or two- jealous!

  5. I absolutely love this dress! and the River Market looks amazing. adorable kitty too :)
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  6. Oh my goodness, I love those drinks! They are so refreshing. You look lovely, Dear! Alex

  7. oh the kitty!! its so little! The summery light in these pictures is beautiful and I am thirsting for the blood orange San Pellegrino of my favourites!

  8. I love your hat and dress!
    those sweets, oh my!!

  9. haha that's kind of cute your adult cats didnt like him too much (jealous much?) but lorddd is he adorable. i wouldn't be able to stop snuggling him :)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  10. Great food and nice outfit =)

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