Tuesday, August 6, 2013

inspirational people: vol. 6 (sarah thomas)

   There were many reasons why I am in "awe" over this little lady. I was first drawn to Sarah when I found her on instagram, and was rather excited she was from Missouri as well. I later discovered her blog Floral Mountains, where she showcases beauty in her hometown of Springfield, creates beautiful projects, and shares the creativity of others in her town. I love the local aspect and attitude of her blog, as well as her inspiring photography she posts daily. 
   As we do live in the same state, but hours away,  I can't ask her to grab an iced coffee to chat in person, so I contacted her to share a bit about herself. I hope everyone is as inspired as I became after reading her interview and checking out her personal space on the internet.

   (Lindsey) What type of lifestyle do you live? (Sarah) "I strive to live a lifestyle that is healthy (through both mind and body), positive, and loving." 

   I read that you are a student, what is the greatest thing about being a student/what are you studying? "I love being a student! This stage of life is so fun. The best part about being in college is meeting new people & making new friends… and not even being confined by my single university, but enjoying the community that the college crowd creates in my hometown. I have still yet to find out what I want to specify my studies towards. I finish up my associates this fall and from there on it’s a blank page! I want to pursue photography and travel a lot. I may do something towards communication or get a degree I could use in the long term! I’m still trying to figure things out!" 

   What is a "Missouri" tradition you precipitate in every year? "Springfield has a lot of fun traditions…My favorites are the fall festivals and when the fair comes into town in late summer!" 

   The Midwest is the best because... "The Midwest is the best because it’s my home, I wouldn't have it any other way." 

  What are your favorite things about summer? "Juicy ripe fruit. Brown skin and the darkening of friends’ freckles. Light yellow and periwinkle weeds by the roadside. Barbecues and backyard get togethers. Summer nights, bright stars, bugs chirping. The smell of camping. After-swim hair. Tangly, messy. Turtles crossing the roads. Lemonade stands. Early morning garage sales. ( I could go on and on )"

   Describe your personal style. "Some adjectives that I would use to describe my personal style are dainty, light, feminine, simple, boho, and vintage."

   How do you gather inspiration? "I gather inspiration through experiencing and observing. Experiencing sunshine, hiking, love, laughter. Friendship, to observing my surroundings, whether it be people, flowers, smells, or houses. I can be inspired by anything, everything.
   In times that I feel uninspired, I try to get out of my head. If this happens I've usually been stuck in a routine or haven’t had much free time. Cancel plans and take a drive into the country or around your favorite neighborhood. Listen to music, pray, sit and read. When I feel uninspired I know I need to find time to refresh." 

   What made you decide to start blogging? "I first started dreaming about blogging my freshman year of high school! That’s when I first began to develop my personal style. I always loved dressing differently and layering things up that you wouldn't normally put together. In high school I wore the funniest things, but I loved it! It was so fun to look at dressing yourself as a hobby instead of a chore! So style was the first thing that caught my eye. 
   I grew up going to church with Elsie & Emma Chapman (A Beautiful Mess), and I realized through them that styling clothing is a trade! Growing up with them around town developing their own thing was such an encouragement for girls like me! I had been cooking up a blog since then and over this past year I finally got enough courage and motivation (along with the essential tools – a computer and camera) to launch a blog of my own!
   Oh man, I have so many beloved bloggers! I really love lifestyle and photography blogs, they’re my favorite. I would say the blogs that I get most excited to read right now are Industry of One , Everyday Musings, and Hickory and Juniper." 

   If you could share with the world one thing that you have learned in the past year, what would that be? "Here are a few things I've learned to encompass this year :Take time. Adventure. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Enjoy the here and now. Invest in people and not in materialistic things. Be genuine. Love everything."

(photographs via Sarah)

Find more of Sarah Thomas on her blog, instagram, twitter, and pinterest.


  1. great post! I love reading about other peoples inspirations :) I wrote a post similar to this myself. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I really like yours! Want to follow each other?


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  3. She seems like a great person. And her photographs are beautiful. Thanks for sharing! <3


  4. she is so poetic! I love her photos, too! :)

  5. thanks for introducing her to us- i love her pictures! especially that black and white one, she should totally study photography! and i love her style. also, love the "midwest is the best because..." question ;)

    xo marlen
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