Friday, August 23, 2013

it's a blogiversary! (and other thoughts)

   I didn't believe this post would ever come. Honestly, I did not ever see myself coming to this one year mark of Hello, Mr. Rabbit. I created this blog page back in early 2012, but only started taking this space to my advantage in late August/early September. When it came down to typing this post today, I decided to openly honest and share what I have learned from having this place on the internet. 
   Something I quite rarely do is show readers deep into my thoughts, my feelings on my blog, or other issues besides my daily life. I decided to gather my thoughts this afternoon and evening about my experiences of blogging for an entire year and share them all with you. 

   I have learned.... more about photography. Before I started this blog, I rarely shot in digital. I was the girl who always cared a disposable camera in her purse. The only digital camera I owned before blogging was a Canon Power-shoot I had got for Christmas a couple years back. A month after starting my blog, I knew I needed better quality to shot with. Since then, I have gone through two Canons and learned many amounts of information on digital photography and editing. I am proud to say I can actually use my "eye" for photography for production and online viewing now.

   I have learned.... my real interests do not reside in fashion or style. I remember when fashion blogs were everything that I read in high school. From Tavi to Rumi, I was completely obsessed with the idea of blogging and how fashion blogging was still in those moments of becoming known. I started Hello, Mr. Rabbit in regards of having a personal style blog, but my interests changed... actually, they had way before I started this blog and I had not realized it yet. I swiftly changed this space into more of a daily journal, lifestyle inspired page, with still photographs of daily outfits.

   I have learned.... to document my recipes. Yes, I hardly would write down my recipes before this blog started. I always had a knack for developing interesting and unique combinations but forgetting to write down the measurements. Since I have recently been producing many recipe posts, this has been a place for me to keep track of my previous baking adventures. Sometimes my recipe note-cards and various notes in journals don't cut it. The "Made at Home" series has saved so many recipes for my sake. 

   I have learned.... having an online presence is still a strange concept to me. Although, I am not new to having an online personality, my days of this started on LiveJournal and Myspace (laugh if you please! I do.), and it has always been something that just happened. I enjoyed meeting people online at a younger age, because I was pretty much consisted to my school district of those I would be friends with. Long after those days, I am currently still here on the internet, still showcasing my life to many readers, and meeting new people everyday (even some in real life!). Although this is a wonderful gift, part of me still cringes when anyone announces me a a "blogger" or having "an online following" of any sorts. This is why I don't like to identity myself as a blogger. I simply document my life and others can view as they please, and that is exactly how I see my blog. 

   I have learned.... more about my community. I have always loved my hometown of Kansas City, but there were so many local businesses, television segments, magazine columns, and little spots that I never had heard of before starting this blog. I have had the privlage to be featured on a local news station (and again very soon!), a local magazine, went to a few blogger meet-ups, and made a few "favorites" posts about my city. I have also found new favorite parks for shooting with my camera and new businesses I was suggested to check out along the way. Also, many new friends within my community who have recognized me from Hello, Mr. Rabbit and had wonderful conversations. 

   I have learned.... to live for the little things in life. I have learned so much when I keep a daily journal of my days. I do not have a lot of money, I do not travel to exotic places often, I do not explore new restaurants every evening, nor do I (rarely) ever buy new clothing to wear. I have learned your life can be as exciting and joyful without all of the expenses  the planned events, or even the amount of time free that you have to spend. Realizing that my simple life is full of little things that shape everything around me and documenting them has given me new light that will last with me through future years to come. 

   As I say hello to my one year of blogging, I feel as if I've learned so much... not about blogging, but about myself and my surroundings. My favorite thing about a hobby is when you actually learn more about yourself than you do the actual act of producing it. I want to say thank you for everyone who has supported me, followed my adventures, and sponsored with Hello, Mr. Rabbit. I want to make it to year number two with a even bigger insight to myself and my life as a whole. Thank you for reading my little explorations and thoughts. 


  1. Wow, I totally thought you had been blogging a lot longer. Your blog is so well done. Congrats! And I can totally relate to a lot of the stuff that you have learned through blogging. It is definitely a very weird yet positive experience.

  2. Lindsey happy happy anniversary <3 <3 <3

    Love, Carla Cee

  3. Happy blogoversary! Isn't it crazy how much the time flies?! I've been blogging for almost two and a half years! I hadn't realized it had been so long until I was asked about it the other day. Craaaazy!

    Lost in the Haze

  4. Congrats, Mr. Rabbit :)! I love reading and just browsing trough your blog, i's a real inspirational place. And I'd agree with you on all the points you made - blogs can teach us many, many things :).
    Keep up with the good work :)!


  5. I didn't think you have only been at this blogging thing for just a year! Happy blogiversary! I love how in-depth you made this post rather than just a 'woo hoo one year!'. I've been at it for two years and I'm so glad I started to blog because now I can look back on the things I did and the life I had before I had a baby. Its also a great reference point to settle bets with your husband!


  6. wow! how exciting! happy blog anniversary to you!

  7. Happy blogiversary! I started a blog one summer, not thinking I would write much after the summer ended - that was 6 years ago. :) It's amazing what blogs can teach us about our world and ourselfs. LOVE reading yours!

  8. Gongratulations!
    You have a lovely blog!

    Path to my Wardrobe

  9. Just discovered your blog, but this post is so inspirational! Especially when you mentioned starting out as a beauty/fashion blogger but finding your own niche at the end. I'm still relatively new to it so hope to have learned as much as you did in a years time! :)

  10. congratulations!! sounds like you've learned a lot. I love keeping up with your blog :)
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  11. Incredible post! Coming up on my two year blog anniversary, I totally know what you mean- everything you said rings so true! Congrats, and to many more years of Hello Mr. Rabbit <3 Alex

  12. really refreshing to hear your thoughts on all this, esp since you've gotten such a great following in only a year. i also found that i am not interested in fashion at all, and enjoy person style only sometimes, so that was great to hear i'm not alone in that as a life(style) blogger since sometimes it can make me feel a bit phony. that's awesome you improved your photography so much because of it and are appreciating the little moments more. Instagram has helped me w/ that a lot, seeing the little beauty during the day.
    Cuddly Cacti
    Mitla Moda

  13. Congratulations on your first year! It's great that you've come away with a greater understanding of yourself- I think that's the beauty of blogging, and why anyone should do it in the first place. Style blogs are hopefully something of the past - and I always prefer when people mix nice pictures with meaningful tales :)

  14. Congrats on your first year! Since I started blogging, I too am learning more and more about photography and how to produce (and pose) for better photos.
    You have a great blog :-)

  15. congratulations of your first year of blogging! it's inspiring to know how much you feel you have learnt and developed as a person whilst doing something that you enjoy. I look forward to hopefully being in your position one year from now x

    Katie-Louise | 

  16. Congrats!! :D Blogging has definitely helped me to open up and make friends. I think I would also cringe if I heard someone announce or introduce me as a blogger haha.

  17. this was so, so wonderful to read, happy blogiversary!! i loved reading about just how you grew from keeping up such a wonderful blog, and it made me think about what i learned, too. i'd have to say that blogs definitely do make you learn more about photography- both finding interesting angles to make a scene pretty and how you edit and transform them. that's my favorite part about blogging, and that's my favorite part about your blog. you're so amazing at it!!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  18. Basically here to echo everything Marlen just said- this is a wonderful, wonderful read! I love how your blog has caused you to better know yourself, get new skills and enjoy local things more. Same here!


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