Sunday, September 1, 2013

me and my arrow

(happy hour for lunch at the Beer Kitchen.) 

(a kale salad at Barley's Brewhaus for dinner.) 

(everything worn here is either vintage or thrifted) 

   I went through most of today not realizing it was the first of September. I have to say I've been quite the typical 21 year old this long weekend: staying up until the late morning, spending all of my moments with friends, walking around Midtown in the evening, and drinking more coffee than usual. I even did my makeup in a friend's car the other night on our way to our plans. If that doesn't scream old times, I don't know what else does. Sometimes it's nice to live in the moment, be forgetful, be unprepared, even be up all night and have to be awake in the early morning. 
   This Sunday was full of food. I almost never eat out, and today all of my meals were. My day comprised of checking happy hours, antiquing for a tiny bit, a little stop at the farmer's market, dinner at a brew pub, and still to possibly be continued. Long weekends were meant for these kinds of things.


  1. Your dress is adorable! You sound like you had a fun weekend - nothing like being young and acting it :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  2. I love this outfit. Super adorable!


  3. you are adorable and this looks like simply the best weekend. and your photos are loverly.

  4. What a cute outfit! Your blog posts are really something to look forward to Lindsey. <3


  5. Great photos and it sounds like you've had a lovely weekend.

  6. looking lovely, that shade of blue is very alice!

  7. I love this post, I feel like I was just taken on a tour of your town! So lovely <3 Alex

  8. Aw, I'm so in mood for eating something delicious, but I have no idea what :/ !
    I also had no idea it's 1st of September yesterday- sick!!
    You look wonderful wearing blue <3

  9. Sounds like the perfect weekend and the food looks amazing! I used to be so much better at living in the moment while I was in college, sometimes I need to remind myself how important it is to not always be planning everything!
    Hope you're having an amazing day!
    xo Hannah

  10. love that beautiful dress. it's the perfect shade of blue! xo

  11. What a cute dress! That sure does sound like a lot of fun like the good old times :)

  12. Sounds perfect perfect. Sometimes I'm so neurotic about life/making plans/my weekends and I'm definitely that person who has everything planned out, but sometimes it's nice to just GO WITH FLOW. Taking notes from you my dear Lindsey :)

    p.s. do I even have to mention your outfit? YOU NEVER DISAPPOINT. NEVER!

  13. I love your pictures! This looks like such a fun day out I love finding places you'd never think of going

  14. Enjoyed this post! Inspired to make a kale salad and wear more blue & white now :) You look so fresh and lovely!

    <3 Megan

  15. Lovely photos!



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