Monday, September 2, 2013

sponsor introduction: ptarmigan

   I always love when I discover and fall in love with new businesses that advertise on Hello, Mr. Rabbit. This month, I am proud to bring you Ptarmigan a classic country side inspired boutique based out of the United Kingdom, with an online shop as well that ships internationally. Their classic approach to work-wear inspired clothing and rustic feel had me drawn in at first sight. 
   I had the pleasure of interviewing Edward Lewis, the owner of 
Ptarmiganon what Ptarmigan stands for and how it was developed. I hope readers can gather inspiration from his interview and browse their online collections that are perfect for the fall season. Enjoy!

   (Lindsey) What was the idea behind the company's name, Ptarmigan? (Edward) "The Ptarmigan is a game bird seen in the UK; a lot of our clothing is specifically designed for those in traditional countryside job roles: farmers, and game keepers for example. We think the Ptarmigan is a feature and a reminder of the countryside, and a great symbol. Other people who buy our clothing might be walkers, ramblers, hikers and horse riders, and they too will associate the Ptarmigan with traditions and the countryside."

   How would you define the Ptarmigan woman/man? "They need their clothing to be practical and well built, as they're generally often outdoors exploring or working. They're also passionate about heritage and tradition, and will often shop with brands they trust to give them the excellent craftsmanship and quality they rely on. They're also conscious of style and good tailoring, they need to look smart and feel proud in their work-wear  and they know outdoor clothing doesn't need to be unfashionable."

   How do you decide on the brands you sell at Ptarmigan? "We choose brands who are heritage brands. Usually they have a lot of history behind them, and some of the brands we stock have been around since the 1900s. Many of them started out of a small market stall, and have grown their brands into huge multinationals - but they never forget that craftsmanship is important, and many of the brands have workshops where their products are produced by hand."

  What are some of your goals for Ptarmigan? "We'd like to promote the countryside, and help small independent businesses grow, and we'd like to support tradition. In an age of huge superstores and sweatshops where clothing is produced, we need to champion the smaller brands who are still passionate about creating great quality."

  What are some of the inspirations that guide Ptarmigan? "We think about the people who use our clothes, and what they need those clothes to do, so if they need practical clothes that serve a purpose, that's what we'll look to supply."

  How does Ptarmigan differ from other clothing and accessories companies? "We're a small store, independent and we only work with heritage brands who truly believe in their products. We like brands who care about what they produce, and they're not necessarily trend led, they're more about timeless pieces."

  What is one quote that you believe describes your vision of Ptarmigan? "Quality over quantity!"

(All photographs curiosity of Ptarmigan

(my favorite pieces: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7


  1. These look like classic, well-made clothes and I love the word ptarmigan!

  2. beautiful clothes!!!!

  3. I've fallen in love with UK brands, but it's so hard because they rarely ship International! Thank you for the comment. I see you live in KC, MO, I went to school at Kansas State. What a small world :)

  4. Oh my I love the coat. So classy and chic. Oh and the skirt. And the boots.
    Have a lovely day.

  5. This shop looks like a real gem - I love the English countryside vibe of the pieces! Thanks for the introduction :)

  6. love the country side influences! so cute! :)

    Metallic Paws


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