Tuesday, October 29, 2013

a new adventure behind the lens

  I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders; I finally put my negative expectations and time concerns aside to officially begin my new days as a photographer. My website/portfolio is finally finished, and I couldn't feel happier with the presentation and collections of photographs (which more will be added in the near future). 
  I had been struggling personally with the idea of running a photography business for months now. The idea of being "oh, another photographer" in this world of many had made my doubts and concerns grow high. This week I decided to throw those thoughts aside because I know I have something unique to offer to offer in this world of high-volume turned-photographers. I reverted back to when I started "Hello, Mr. Rabbit" and having extreme doubts of starting a lifestyle blog in 2012... when blogging was said and done, and I did not believe I had much to offer under the weight of the "big bloggers". After a year of blogging I have developed and been recognized so much more than I would have ever dreamed of doing if I started blogging in 2009.

  With that being said, I am now introducing "Lindsey Louise Photography" and my newly developed website. I am beyond excited to start sharing my love for capturing and documenting special moments with others, and I can't wait to share some of those images with you. 


  1. That's awesome, Lindsey! Congratulations on your new start!

  2. This is so exciting!! Congrats and best of luck!!

  3. very exciting! good luck to you!

  4. Good luck with your business! I've been looking through your photos and they're amazing!
    - Charlotte

  5. Your site & pictures look amazing. You should be really proud of yourself :)

  6. Great portfolio, wishing success to you!

    <3 Megan

  7. Good luck with your new endeavor!

  8. Congrats on taking the leap :) Your site looks great! Good luck!


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