Tuesday, December 3, 2013

proust questionnaire

    Lately I have been asking myself about this space. I have been asking myself about social media. I have been asking myself "Does anyone here know the real me here?". No one can sincerely get to know or even begin the develop a connect of someone by simply connecting with them online, but lately I have been noticing this at large. I strive to be authentic with everything I create/say, but I feel like I must be failing at doing so. Possibly it's time for a change? Possibly I just need to expand more on who I actually am? Possibly. 
   With realizing this fact, I decided to do a Proust Questionnaire to expand on a little more of who I actually am, instead of what ever kind of person I seemed to create. I carried these two pieces of paper all around with me today, trying to come up with the answers I felt most reflected my true feelings. 

    Now, I challenge everyone to do the same. Take a step out from your normal conversations or writing, write something real about yourself. About your personal thoughts. Take this on the bus, to class, to work, to dinner. Sometimes writing and answering questions about yourself gives you the ability to move forward and think clearly, and even to reinvent. Plus, I love answering questions.. half of which are with a sense of humor. 


  1. it is nice to see another side of bloggers; a more real side. & the photos of you are lovely. :)
    I also spend too much on coffee & love Gandalf!

  2. Beautiful post, Lindsey.

    I agree that sometimes it is hard to get your true self across on social media. However, readers can always get a sense of what the blogger is passionate about and how creative and soulful they are by the millions of (simple?) tells like layout and editing and photographs and content and even a blog name. The signs of the blogger's personality are there but we do need to pay attention. I think that yours shines through immensely, which is why I've been drawn to your space since day 1!!

    I will be trying out your authenticity challenge, though. It's such a wonderful idea. :-)))


  3. Your answers are very well spoken and intriguing

  4. I've been wanting to answer the Proust questionnaire for a while now, but I think your post will make me finally do it. :) Your answers are really interesting, it's amazing to get to know another part of the blogger, the part that we don't know.

    Mathilde from
    Parisian Fairytale

  5. I've never been good at answering questions like these. I rather think that I don't know myself as well as I should. Perhaps a questionnaire such as this would help me figure out some things. Reading your answers made me realize that I need to spend some time reading! I need to become more familiar with authors and literature in general.
    What a cute outfit too! The socks are my favorite :)

  6. I'm commenting anonymous because I have a few things to say. I do believe you can get to know a person through social media. This day and age is it almost required to do so. But I get your point about not actually knowing the person, just the good sides of them.
    I feel like this survey is a little outdated (which is probably why you like it, as what I've seen from you). What did you mean by "Queen Bee"? It reminds me of high school girls. I did read that you made it humorous though.
    Also how do you feel that people have been seeing you from social media?

    1. sorry for the delayed response! i agree, you can somewhat get to know a person through social media, but i believe it is such a interpretation of that person, that sometimes you never really know exactly what they mean/themselves.
      yes, this survey is "out-dated", but it's classic so that's why i used it! i used the term "queen bee" because a lot of my friends describe me as that, and have for a long time. i just have a leader/direct personality, and i always go after exactly what i want. it was also humorous!
      as of lately, i have been feeling people take what i say/what i do differently than i want it to come across. i was recently interviewed and the interviewee introduced me as "only liking things that are cute and girly" and i was like "wait... that's not me at all?" so just little things like that.

  7. I think we all have ways to find ourselves, quizzes, poetry, writing many we communicate better, I like your blog, is something nostalgic, it reminds me of my childhood, I say this with respect and sincerity, so I decided to follow .. . Greetings!

  8. I think it can be hard to find the balance between being our authentic selves and portraying the message/idea we want to have for our blogs and "internet presence." I would ideally like my blog to be a positive place, a place to find joy and beauty, but of course, that isn't realistic 100% of the time. I also worry about revealing TOO much of myself, at times. But I loved reading this questionnaire and learning more about you, and I am very tempted to answer these same questions on my blog :)

    xox Sammi
    PS: loving your outfit here, by the by!

  9. First of all, your outfit is adorable! Second, I love answering questionnaires like that because it forces me to form opinions and pay attention to my true feelings. Lovely post. xoxo

  10. your OOTD is adorable :) I love everything you wear, so cute.


  11. Thank you for sharing a little about yourself. I'm glad I get to know you better now =)

    P.S. Thank you for dropping by my blog and left me such a sweet comment.

  12. wow, it was really cool to be able to get to know you a bit better, lindsey. (gorgeous outfit, by the way.) | blog

  13. I love this post. Bloggers inspire me so much, especially when they say, "This is me! Take it our leave it!" I'll take it, for sure, and I'll be filling out the questionnaire myself! Thanks for sharing.


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