Thursday, December 5, 2013

wreath of warmth

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  To be honest, I have never really photographed many couples. I mean, it's a here and there "oh, let me snap a couple of photographs because we are hanging out" kind of scenario when I usually take pictures of couples. I posted on my Instagram a little bit ago for a couple that I could practice photographing, and the response was huge. I was lucky that my friend Susan and her boyfriend Chase emailed me within minutes of posting about it, because it was great photographing them right around their two year anniversary and to give there parents something for Christmas. 
  Photographing couples isn't easy, but I learned a lot from this shoot. I learned how to give direction, even though it may be awkward, and to plan way in advance (we wanted to bring a blanket for the shoot, then got stuck with one of my old white comforter, which sometimes made them look like a marshmallow together... but there were still ones I loved that came out of it). I can't wait to photograph more couples in the future, there is always so much left to be learned. 


  1. love the photography :)

  2. 1) a fun Christmas photo :D

    2) how fun to be learning/practicing these types of portraits!

  3. couples are my FAVORITE!!!!! especially when it is so obvious how into each other they are :)

  4. wow you are so talented <3 ! these photos are super lovely. I see you are very creative person <3

  5. Wow beautiful place and pictures >.<


  6. Some lovely shots, you should be proud - couple shots can be really hard!

  7. These are fun photos and it sounds like a great learning experience!

  8. I agree, photographing couples can be a bit awkward cause I find that people are uncomfortable showing affection in front of you. Instead they go to the standard smiley shot or maybe make a silly face. I think these pics are so cute though! You captured their emotion and the wreath shot towards the end looks awesome.


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