Thursday, January 30, 2014

inspirational abode: sarah wynne

    I'm so pleased to bring you the first "Inspirational Abode" feature of 2014 and I feel we are starting off the year perfectly with this home tour. When Sarah Wynne first contacted me about wanting to feature her home in Canada for this column, after I checked out her blog I couldn't have been more excited to see the little details of her abode. Sarah is an English student in her mid-20's, living in a small Canadian town. Her use of soft pinks, lovely printed couches/chairs, and displaying of her clothing drew me in right away. I hope you enjoy Sarah's thoughts on her home and her inspiration behind her decorating style as much as I did, as she shares in this post. 

   (Lindsey) If you had to describe your decorating style in one word, what would that be? (and why?)  "Cozy! I live in Canada where the winters are long and frigid, so my home is very much a refuge from the elements." (Sarah Wynne) 

   What mood are you trying to create with your space? "One that is cheerful and calming at the same time. I love intense colors but have come to appreciate more subtle schemes following my high school era bedroom which featured blood red walls."

    What is your go-to spot for picking up ideas to decorate with? "Pinterest, which I’m fairly new to! Allegra, Ashley , and Natalie are some of my favorites."

    What kinds of things influence your interior design? "Films, travel, and fashion are my biggest influences. The good old world wide web facilitates most of my design ideas!"

    How does your personal style (choice in clothing) cross over into your interior style? "Fashion is very influential in my decorating schemes and I like to hang my wardrobe all over the walls rather than keep it hidden away. I love the color pink but don’t like wearing it, so it appears everywhere in my apartment."

  What is the best advice you can give to someone who is re-decorating? "Don’t worry about following the so-called rules of design, and remember that decorating is an ongoing process! I’m forever rearranging my numerous little shrines and switching the placement of artwork around the house."

    No room would be complete without.... "Cats! I’m obsessed with them but am horribly allergic so my place is covered in feline trinkets of every color and size." 

    One color that I could never live without in a room is... "Pink."

    Tell us a story about one of your favorite items you featured here. "The quilt hanging on my dining room wall is one of my favorite recent finds, from a yard sale. Apparently it was originally a bed cover for a small child, and I love the bizarre little characters on it."

Find more of Sarah Wynne on her blog and Instagram.

"Inspirational Abode" is a new monthly column for Hello, Mr. Rabbit, that stared in late 2013.  Do you have a home that you want to share with others? Do you feel your space is inspiring? Send me an email at with a few photographs and a little bit about your abode. I cannot wait to be inspired be your personal habitat and have it inspire others. 


  1. Oh my gosh, what a cute space! I love the vintage qualities of it. So much love!

  2. Lovely, vintage, nostalgic space from my neighbour in Canada. The apartment itself was also a lovely choice. I think that Canadians should arrange a design takeover. :-)


  3. are great ideas for to make! love this style is so lovely <3

  4. what a lovely and whimsical home.

    rae at lovefromberlin

  5. Wow so pretty and light! I love the kitty purse and the eraser window-- I recognize a few of those from my own eraser collection :)



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