Monday, January 27, 2014

show talked windows

(boots: forever 21, tights: h&m, everything else is vintage or thrifted)

    After a little over a month of time off school, I seemed to forget the business of courses starting back up. With being at a new school this semester, there has been many learning experiences and adjustments to overcome as the semester started up again. As I continue along with my journey through college, and honestly not having very much of my undergraduate degree left, I am beginning to realize the effort that needs to be put into my classes this year.. which honestly does not clear up much space for me. Well, I suppose that just means I need to get better at time management to be able to pursue everything I have on my plate this year.
    Today was quite a cold one. I wrapped myself up in my red wool coat and white fur for classes today, and still walking through campus was a chore. I found the nightgown I am wearing at an estate sale a week earlier, along with the satellite map of the Kansas City metro area hanging in my living room, and I have always had a love for wearing them other times than in the evening. I also had acrylic nails done a little awhile ago, which I am feeling bittersweet about because they are rather long, so we'll see if this will be a new normal look for me. But for nolw, I still need to learn to type more efficiently with them. 


  1. I'm seeing your nails quite frequently in your Instagram photos, and although I wouldn't go that long for my child-like fingers, they look great on you and yours! Good luck at your new school!


  2. You look great!
    I love that nightgown, it looks gorgeous. And, that coat and fur collar make you look almost regal.

  3. Lovely photos! I love how you have so many vintage/thrifted pieces.

  4. Envying your winter weather! What I would do to get out of this heat and enjoy a warm cuppa tea!

  5. First of all, I hope you get settled into your new school routine soon. Change like that can be tough!

    Second of all, you look amazing in red and all of your photos have me convinced that you have the loveliest life ever.

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  6. every picture is something magic to see, I really love it!


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