Thursday, February 13, 2014

flows free, holistic healing/facials

   My dear friend Caprice Stanger does something magical; she uses simple products to transform your skin to it's fullest. Caprice is a self-employed certificated esthetician, focused on incorporating holistic moralities in treatments such as Reiki, armotherapy, accupressure, massage and hot stone therapy in her treatments. Caprice is also a Certified Usui Reiki Master, which is a natural healing process. Along with her many talents/services, she makes and sells handmade facial and beauty products (ranging from toners, to beet blush, to infused oils, and others). She offers a large variety of facials and services to meet any person's individual needs, 

   I was so happy when Caprice contacted me about booking a facial with her. I have received one from her in the past, but this is the first I have received from her in her personal space of booking and through her own business. Caprice offers services from her Midtown apartment, where the majority of her space seems to be dedicated to her craft. She also runs a blog, Flows Free, where she posts recipes/offers and gives background to her studies.

   For my facial, Caprice used an exfoliator and a facial mask, along with cleaning and moisturizing the skin. Caprice often creates her own products from natural/organic materials, along with using a local company (also her place of work) called Skin. The exfoliator is Skin's Fruity Face Cleansing Scrub, that is made with plum kernel oil and apricot kernel for a gentle exfoliation. The facial scrub was made by an independent organic beauty creator, Earth Wise Naturals, made from rose petals and milk. Rose petals are calming, soothing, and naturally fragrant. The facial ended with a deep moisturizer from Skin, and my face has ever felt more refreshed.

   Caprice has been kind enough to offer a special for all of my readers for the next month. $35 for a 60 minute organic facial. To set up an appointment, you can contact her via email at: Also through her facebook page, or contact her at 816-224-7840


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  2. Her facials seem like a dream! I love the rose product that she used on you!


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