Saturday, February 15, 2014

love and some verses

(tights: h&m, headband: charming charlie, everything else is vintage) 

"kisses are a better fate than wisdom."

e.e. cummings

    A huge happy Valentine's Day to everyone reading this, and I hope you day/evening was surrounded by a loved one(s). This holiday has always been one of my favorites; from the tradition of picking a Valentine, to seeing everyone in line at floral shops picking up flowers. I like to theme my outfits with holidays, so Valentine's Day is one of my favorites to do so. I picked out pinks from my closet (including a nightgown and one of my favorite pairs of tights), and paired them with a pink-flowered headband. Yes, people did in fact ask me if I dressed specifically for the holiday... and I loved it. 
    For my Valentine's Day, I went to school as usual during the day, but in the evening my boyfriend surprised me with a night of bowling and arcade games. We had planned on seeing a few bands at a holiday show, but I loved the spontaneous idea. He picked me up a dozen white roses, a bottle of blush champagne (which I mostly drank all to myself.. opps!), three of my favorite movies, and some nude matte lipstick. For him, I tracked down a collection of three short stories by one of his favorite authors, double chocolate stout, and white chocolates. Little gifts for little holidays are my favorites. 


  1. Glad that you and your boyfriend had a nice time. You look very lovely by the way, and these are all such pretty pictures. I always find that the spontaneous ideas are the most fun.

  2. Glad you had a great time, lovely dreamy photos :D
    Just found your blog, its great!

  3. the button detailing is lovely on that jacket :D :D

  4. Light pink is such a stunning color on you. :D


  5. Cute light pink outfit and nice pictures! I enjoyed your valentines IGs too. We do not celebrate Valentines at all but still it was nice to see all those pictures on all the blogs and to feel the love from everywhere ;)
    Enjoy your Sunday!


  6. oh Garden State <3 one of my favourite movies ever!
    these photos are heartbreathing. Such simple but such unusual, I love it!
    You look fab wearing that pink :)

  7. Love your pink outfit :) Sounds like you had a really nice Valentine's Day.


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