Friday, February 28, 2014

from gardens to graveyards

(tights: h&m, boots: forever 21, everything else is vintage)

    Although nothing compares to the cemeteries in New Orleans, there is something special about exploring historical cemeteries. There are two more historical graveyards close to me, which Elmwood Cemtery is one of them. I had been longing to walk around the grounds since I drove past it a couple months ago, this past week I finally got my chance to roam around. Many famous Kansas Cityians are buried here, so it was neat finding the grave-sites and seeing which names I could remember from a history lesson. 
    While I was out in the area, I found an amazing estate/store closing sale, which I bought a bag full of lovely items for almost nothing. I think I'm too good at finding amazing sales, because my apartment is becoming quite full of miscellaneous treasures. On another note, I went to Phoenix Herb for the first time in a long time the other day. I forgot how much I adore that store and I proceeded to purchase rose petals (for bath soaks and baking), lavender (for, well many things), and some of their house tea blend. I believe I will be spending much more time there in the future. 


  1. That photo is you standing in front of 'young' is idyllically beautiful! x

  2. lovely. I find graveyards the most dreamy and enchanting places.

  3. Such cool pictures :) Now I want to pop on over to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery and see who graves I can find.

  4. These pictures are stunning! What kind of filter did you use? The colors are gorgeous.


    1. thank you dear! I edit my photographs in Photoshop and in Lightroom (where is use VSCO presets and various presets I have made myself).

  5. I love the colors in these photos. You look like a '60s goddess. <3

  6. oh my <3 these photos are so beautiful!

  7. here in Portugal we don't have that kind of graveyards, but we have beautiful historical ones too :)

  8. what a beautiful blue sky. it's missing here..


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