Monday, March 3, 2014

never blow out the eastern candle

“Lover," she whispers, and closes her eyes.
It falls upon her.
Love is like dying.” 
-Stephan King

    Exploring the City Workhouse Castle (also known as the Vine Castle, and various other nicknames), is something I do every couple of years. I had ever been in the snow, or winter for that fact even, and when I gathered the idea to do a small photo-shoot there I decided to venture back. This is probably one of the most commonly known places to go urban exploring in Kansas City, but still an interesting and eerie place that is one of the "safer" places to wander around. I had some free time a couple afternoons ago and decided to shoot a few photographs here, and thankfully my imagination didn't get the best of me. 
    The castle was built in 1897, and originally was used a prison for a period of time. It became abandoned in the 1970's, and still to this day. There is another abandoned workhouse right across the street, but the castle is still the most interesting of all. If you are a local and haven't explored here, or simply someone who likes castles, I would suggest a trip here (during the daytime of course!). This collection was inspired completely by the eerie surroundings, a movie about exorcisms I watched the evening before, and a few winter wardrobe pieces. Find more of my photo-shoots on my photography website, here. (A few of these prints will be for sale soon in my print shop, as well.) 


  1. These are lovely pictures. Ethereal and a little bit eerie, with a gorgeous location. The print on the dress is so cute too ^_^

  2. wow what a great castle and I loove that dress
    yes I guess visiting at night time won't be very wise!

    The Sweetest Escape 

  3. The pictures are fabulous. And you changed your hair. It looks great!

    1. oh! nope this isn't me, this is a friend who modeled for me :)

  4. Some really nice pictures you took here! I saw one of them on instagram and thought that I have to have a look at your blog post to find out what te story behind the picture is about :)
    Lots of love!

  5. Gosh, she looks so pretty! I wish I could explore this castle

  6. I've only just started reading your blog and I'm already so in love! :)

  7. love your short hair! and your site is simply beautiful--I will be back for more <3

    Colour Me Classic

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