Saturday, October 13, 2012


   it has been a stormy weekend in kansas city so far! today was full of rain, thunderstorms, and even a little bit of hail. i spent my saturday getting tattooed at sink or swim tattoo shop in downtown kansas city. it was my first time by this artist and it was a painful, yet great experience. sunflowers are my favorite flowers, so i decided to get them as a cover-up tattoo on the back of my right leg. i still have another session to go to for the color in a few weeks, and i am extremely excited to see the finished outcome of this piece! this is my fifth tattoo, and it was definitely the most detailed and biggest one. this is also probably my last tattoo, but i have lyrics by iron and wine that i would love to get small somewhere.
   after my tattoo appointment, i went to independence to go thrifting at a great second hand store there. i found a new bag for my camera, a pair of cole haan brown loafers, a tan pair of calf-high socks, and a mustard collared sweater. the store was a little on the expensive side for second hand, so i narrowed it down to items i felt i could not live without! i am so picky when it comes to thrift store prices. so may say i'm cheap, but i'm just thrifty with how i spend my money! 


  1. These pictures are so gorgeous! And of course, your tattoo looks amazing <3

  2. your brand new tattoo seems to work so well with your flowery dress! :-) I cannot wait to see the complete version of it! :-)
    my twin sister has a lot of tattoos, yet I haven't got any, because I cannot make up my mind about where I'd like to have one. I have a picture though, that I'd like to get tattoo on myself, I just need to decided where and be brave for once in my life! ;-)
    p.s. I hope it stopped raining there! ;-)

  3. adoro!!!

    if u wont visit me!!

  4. beautiful dress!:)


  5. i love your outfit , your cute style and the last photo is PERFECT !

  6. Such a lovely new tattoo. I bet that this one hurt, but worth it! I love this dress, I bet it is vintage.

  7. thanks for your comment on my blog !
    great outfit and I love your blog , would you like to follow each other ? :)



  8. thank you so much! lovely pictures and outfit! xx

  9. Hi, lovely photoes:) Btw thank you for stopping by my blog, glad to meet you:) Your blog is awesome, you are so cute! What do you say about following each other? i'm following you right now, hope you will do same:)
    have a great time!

    Best wishes, Alex

  10. Such a cute dress and an amazing tattoo! They are just so addictive xx

  11. lovely look and great photos!
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