Thursday, October 11, 2012

tenderness of nature

   hello lovely readers! i just finished watching the vice presidential debate and i couldn't be more excited to vote for my first big election! i hope each and everyone one of your fall sessions is going wonderfully. i hope you get to take nature walks and see many seasonal things, like what i did today. i used to walk this trail all the time when i was little, it has become quite grown over! there used to be a "wishing tree seat" (as my and my neighborhood group of friends used to call it) that was located on the trail, but it has been removed sadly. i have been trying to use "natural filters  lately with my camera, but they only seem to semi-work out. i tried leaves today when walking on this trail. i will have to experiment more soon! 
   today was such a wonderful day at my internship. i have been driving so much lately to get here, i feel like sometimes i live in my car. i met a great teacher, whom won teacher of the year last year, and i would give anything to student teach for year when that time comes. i completely enjoyed helping out with lessons today in my 1st grade class room, which included some of the following: pumpkin poems, vowel town charts, and math bingo. interning is making me even more excited to have a class of my own and prepare my own lesson plans (which i have been thinking of so many!). teaching is such a meaningful subject to be studying in college, i am so thankful i found out this is my passion and my future. 

ps: i have also been obsessed with grilled "cheeses" lately! (hints the photograph) i used rice dream vegan cheese and earth balance to complete the meal. along with tomato soup of course! this has been my go-to lunch for a few days now. 


  1. Very nice photos, its nice to be out in green places like that! good luck with your future plans :-)

  2. I really, really like your photos. Ahhh, such a shame that I live in the city. Forests are quite far from here. :(

  3. The debate was really intense! Much more interesting than the first presidential one. Also, I love all these photos.
    Thats very exciting you're going to be a teacher! Both of my parents were so I understand what an important role you will play.

  4. oh, I love this - every bit of it! even the title of the post! :-)

  5. This is completely adorable as usual!

  6. Hi Lindsey, thanks for your comment on my Wizard of Oz post! I couldn't believe it when I clicked on your blog and saw you are from Kansas! To me that is very cool! It's lovely to meet you, you now have a new follower!

    Emma x

    1. i am actually in kansas city, missouri! but, i am super close to kansas! and thanks!

  7. it's so true! so many outfits i can think of using that hat! ahah :))

  8. Great post dear!!
    You have an amazing pics (:

    xx from

  9. Beautiful photos. :) Really love the calm feeling that I got while looking them through.

    Indie by heart

  10. These photos are gorgeous, you live in such a pretty place, and you look lovely too. I got ridiculously excited the first time I got to vote, I think I was more excited about that than drinking when I turned 18, haha.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog xo

  11. hmm yum I love cheese sandwiches and tomato soup, perfect autumn food.

  12. hi louise, your photos captured nature as a poet. so sad about the wishing tree being gone. sounds like you are enjoying your time teacher interning, & you are on your way! :)

  13. cute! :)
    Love Lois xxx


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