Thursday, November 8, 2012

water of love

   i have been feeling so motivated with my blog lately, i feel as though i have been receiving such good feedback. a huge thanks for all my wonderful readers out there! today i was photographed for ink kc magazine for a fashion/street style section that will be launching next year. so, with that being said, i will not be featured until january of 2013 (seems so far away still)! i was also contacted from an online eye-wear shop, who wants me to review their products on blog. it's so exciting to get recognized. 
   another one of my favorite spots in kansas city, has to be the riverwalk in the river-market district. at the riverfront park, there are so many trails and areas to explore by the river and for a nice fall walk. it's a perfectly pleasant spot for any photo-taking. the rest of the day, i was working on a giant paper for one of my education classes; we were assigned to develop a lesson plan, write about our education philosophy  and describe our ideal classroom. i completely enjoyed this assignment, it gave me time to express the importance of community and diversity i want to incorporate in my future classroom. i believe it is one of the best papers i have ever written, writing about education comes so naturally to me.. writing about a topic you are so passionate about is the best feeling in the world. 


  1. ooh congratz for your feautre and future projects :)
    I will continue to support you, Lindsey!

    that dress is just so so darling
    and I am loving how you paired it with matching cardi and beret hat <3<3

    The Sweetest Escape 

  2. Your dress is so lovely. I think the color is just perfect and I love the little tie, collar and lace accents. Good luck on all your new adventures.

  3. hey :) i love your introduction :) thanks for visiting my blog by the way :) i am following you now :)
    The Girl with the Muji Hat

  4. that dress and that pendant are precious! :-)

  5. Oh wow, your blog is so unique in a very good way! I love your personal style and the high-quality photos you have in here! I started to follow you!

    If you want you can follow me back! :-)

  6. Woow! SOO lovely photos, dear~!
    Happy friday!!!



  7. I love your style! It's so personal and so very YOU! And this is definitely NOT the "usual fashion blog"!
    And I love the way you're so passionate about the things you love! Good luck with all your new adventures!
    Love from the Italian Alps :)

  8. Hi, very oryginal outfit:) And nice photos:) If you want, maybe we can follow each other?

  9. Congrats on your feature! That's always exciting :)
    I really like that dress. The color is beautiful on you.

  10. Getting a little blog recognition is always so nice - congrats. And I'm not surprised that you'll be featured in a street style piece because that dress is amazingly awesome.

    Courtney ~

  11. I always love your adventures. You seem to have knack for finding beautiful places. :)

  12. Awwr your style is so sweet! I love it :3.

    Thanks for visiting my blog lovely x

  13. Amazing outfit! You look great!

    p.s. I love your blog!! I follow you now with google friend connect!! Hope you'll do the same!! I wait for you in my blog! Kisses!


  14. You look lovely! I really like this mint dress, so pretty in the fall.

  15. the riverwalk looks beautiful, and your dress is darling!!

  16. Aaah so good for you, you definitely deserve that recognition!
    Great pictures again dear =)

    Love, Denise

  17. Hi nice to meet you many thanks for your visit to illusion. The first thing to tell you that I love the dress! and secondly that the photography are beautiful. I love the blog with pictures like yours. With your permission, I'm happy here in your blog, you follow me? so do not lose touch.

    Have a good weekend.


  18. beautiful pics!!!
    ...thanks for yr lovely comment

    Im yr new follower

    Have a nice day

  19. Love your necklace. Thanks for your comment.
    I´m following

  20. Your photos are so beautiful! It's so great that you're feeling motivated with the blog, I've been so rubbish recently! xo

  21. Great photos, beautiful mint dress!
    Thank you for your comment, I've just started to follow you!

  22. That's all in one paper?! That sounds like three totally different assignments! I'm so glad you loved working on it, though! It's so important to have a vision before you get started!


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