Monday, February 18, 2013

sponsor introduction: floating canopy

   Hello readers! I am so pleased that I have the pleasure to introduce one of my lovely February sponsors to you, Stephanie Priscilla of Floating Canopy. I found her through her instagram, and fell in love with her artwork right away. 
   Stephanie is an animation student from LASALLE College of the Arts in Singapore. She has been in love with animation since she was extremely young, from watching Disney's animation films. Her illustrations are mostly inspired by nature. Her classmates say her style is a bit dreamy, because she adores children storybooks and fairy-tales. She always has a certain message behind the images that she creates. 

What is your favorite medium to work with? "My favorite medium is watercolor. It's the most comfortable medium and I've never learnt it before in my life. It just comes naturally. But recently I'm starting to like digital painting too."

Do you have a favorite piece you have created? "My favourite piece I have would probably the latest work because it may courage people to always try to stand up again when you fell down to the ground. I made that illustration because of what happened earlier today. Me and my classmates were all really tired of our workload in college but if we do something good I always believe we must try to make it work every time we fall apart."

What artists inspire you? What other elements inspire you, as well? "I'm a big fan of Mark Ryden's artwork as for a painter. In other sides, I really love Oliver Jeffers and Jon Klassen for children storybook. They are all so amazing."

Do you plan to pursue art as a career? "I plan to be character designer if one day I work in an animation company. The other choices will be either become a children book illustrator or open a shop full of my illustrations printed in gift cards, notebooks, etc and hope that people will like it."

Do you create in a certain place? "Normally, I will do my artwork at home after I come back home from college. Definitely, I like to listen to music when I do my artwork. My personal favorite genre will be folk. I love to listen to Avalanche City, Sea Wolf, etc. Some of the local band from my hometown are also really nice like Stars and Rabbit, The Trees and The Wild, and Angsa dan Serigala. Sometimes I will go to a cafe and bring my sketchbook. I will drink tea and draw there."

How do you believe you stand out as an artist? "Well, I believe in not just making an artwork. I'm trying to tell a certain message behind of what I create. I apply the things I learnt as an animation student as well. A friend of mind once say there is no originality in this world anymore, but just being different is the key. There's a certain style that will remain in every character that I make."

(how I displayed my two prints Stephanie sent me! one in my craft room, the other in my dining room.) 

Find more of Stephanie's artwork on Floating Canopy, and follow her instagram for daily updates of her work. If you are interested in her artwork, contact her here:  stephanie.priscilla(at)yahoo(dot)com. (She sent me two variations on the first featured "Fox Bride" print, they are grander in person.)


  1. Oh my gosh, how cute are these?! Love her work; it reminds me of my cherished children's books; particularly Beatrix Potter :)

  2. Oh really cute illustrations!



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