Tuesday, March 12, 2013

common people

 (easy breakfast of banana, soy yogurt, peanuts, honey bunches of oats, and coffee.) 

 (homemade kale chips, from the recipe here.) 

(the ceilings at Ameristar Casino.) 

(knitted sweater: forever 21, turtle-neck sweater: from mom's closet, skirt: atc, sweater tights/flower headband: h&m, flats: thrifted, choker: waldo flea market.) 

   Have you ever had an extremely random day when things are all flip-flopped, but still turn out great in the end? Yes, this Tuesday of my spring break was exactly as I described. I planned to spend my morning/afternoon finishing up some projects, then my boyfriend had a last minute day off work and we figured we would go to an early lunch and things. I later became obsessed with cleaning,  he slept in late.. you get the picture. 
   We ended up, in the evening, at a casino in the northern part of the city. It was actually rather nice (compared to the one I went to on my birthday), but I am honestly no fan of gambling (which my boyfriend isn't either, hints why the day is so random) so my boyfriend offer to pay for a machine for me to play on. I ended up winning $60 and we played arcade games for the rest of the evening. Sometimes, planning is not necessary. 


  1. I love random days that work out well in the end! That knitted sweater is beautiful, I bet it must be very cosy to wrap yourself up in too :D

  2. Love the knitted sweater,and the skirt is so lovely:)
    Great outfit

  3. That cardigan is so amazing!! and the skirt is too. Love them both

    Days filled with random events are sometimes the best! You're right, planning isnt always needed


  4. love you boho look! Such a nice color of cardigan!
    Maybe you would love to follow each other on gfc and bloglovin? Check my blog and let me know! I would love it!

  5. This sounds so much like a fun night! I never went to a casino because I think I would also not like it... but it's great that you guys won 60 dollars!!!
    I love your cardigan!
    Enjoy the rest of Springbreak!


  6. hey my dear I just discoverd your blog and I really like it :)

    The looks is so pretty I love the cardigan and I like the way you matched the pieces! your header is so nice !! you have a good sense for style and so you gained a new reader ;D

  7. I think that random days really do turn out the best! I just love it when husband and I have nothing planned and just do whatever we want :)

  8. This sounds like so much fun! Now I also really want to make kale chips asap, yum! Congrats on your big win ;)
    Hope you're having a great rest of your break!
    xo Hannah

  9. Hey dear I really like your blog! What about following each other? Also on bloglovin, facebook and even lookbook if you want...just let me know :3 <3



  10. yummmm that breakfast looks so dang good :)

  11. sounds like an unexpected delightful adventure!

  12. What a dreamy, wonderful sweater! I can't believe it came from forever 21...wow! Also-YES KALE CHIPS. They are great.

  13. That sweater is so cozy and very unique. Perfect combo, if you ask me!

    I've never really done the gambling thing. Glad you had fun!



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