Wednesday, July 17, 2013

a photo an hour: july

8am: awoken out of bed, make breakfast. 

9am: finish drinking my morning coffee and a few things for school. 

10am: manage to get fully dressed, finish a post for my blog. 

11am: empty out a few dying plants, gathered my newest grown tomato. 

12pm: prepared a little lunch of pesto noodles and cucumbers. 

2pm: took a little walk around midtown to various places. 

3pm: grocery shopping for the week.

4pm: walk/head home to my apartment after a few hours out. 

5pm: spray painting a few glass items for my home. 

6pm: preparing a pie crust for a fruit dish, making popsicles out of lemonade. 

7pm: prep/cooking dinner at home (veggies, re-fried beans, rice for tacos). 

8pm: evening drives with a colorful sky. 

   I haven't had a "photo an hour" post in quite a few months now, so I am excited to bring this back. I am always documenting my days, but never all the hours or the more "non-exciting" events that never get photographed. This was the majority of my Tuesday, captured in (about) hourly photographs. 

   My Tuesday was full of home. Much of my day was spent here, helping my boyfriend around the apartment while he was taken ill, and doing little things in my free days of summer. I am an off and on homebody, so after this Tuesday I was ready to be on my feet and around the city again. 


  1. I love this challenge, I did it for myself for 24 hours a while ago. It was hilarious, especially the drunken later in the night photos:

    On another note, those tacos look DELICIOUS!

  2. your bedroom is really lovely >< i enjoy seeing your shots!

  3. Yay. I like this! I've been thinking about doing something similar, as I already saw it on a few blogs and I really like it. It makes you get even closer to your fellow bloggers and I like this. Your days looks really nice! Its always better to make those kind of posts while being on holiday, right!? Otherwise it would maybe be rather boring (depending on your uni/work scedule) ;)


  4. Looks like a lovely relaxing day.

  5. love this. i think i'll give it a try as well!

  6. Always fun to see a peek into a blogger's day!

  7. Love this post idea, such pretty pictures! x

  8. :) yummy tacos! your day looks lovely. I love your photo an hour posts!

  9. I am just continually inspired by your creativity in the small areas of your life-like the bows above your bed! This is a great post, it's fun to see how someone else spends their day. Plus, you are such a great cook! Pesto noodles and cucumber sounds AMAZING!


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