Tuesday, July 16, 2013

inspirational people: vol. 5 (jodi pops)

   After taking a month off from this column, I am so pleased to be bringing it back with a new blogger that I have just discovered. I welcome everyone to meet Jodi Pops. I came across her collection of diverse outfits one afternoon and instantly feel in love with her style. The effortlessly details of her daily outfits, combined with the occasional travel photographs of places I only dream of going, Jodi made me want to know more about the little fragments of her life... and of course, scroll through all of her inspiring pieces of clothing she throws together.

    (Lindsey) I strive to live a lifestyle that is....(Jodi) "Healthy, happy and cruelty-free."

   I read that you are a student, what is the greatest thing about being a student/what are you studying? "I actually just finished university a couple of months ago with a degree in English Literature. I studied at Goldsmiths University in London, so with being in a big city I was very lucky that there was always something to and see! I'm hoping to do another year of studying to get my Masters, but at the moment I'm having some time out to work so that I can get some money saved up in order to do it! I found the degree very challenging but I love learning and it was great to be able to study so many wonderful books during my 3 years at University!"

    What made you decide to become a vegetarian and what is your favorite vegetarian dish? "I went vegetarian when I was 11 when it all suddenly clicked into place that the whole idea of eating a living creature is wrong. I'm a big foodie so it's hard to pick a favorite meal! I get super excited about cooking and love making up different recipes but I'd say my favorite meal at the moment is Thai green curry broth with tofu and vegetables (especially kale!)."

   Describe your personal style. "I tend to go for outfits that are quite vintage inspired and I suppose rather girly. Rummaging through charity shops is my favorite pastime... bright colors  unusual patterns and florals are what I tend to be drawn to when I'm shopping for clothes!"

   What made you decide to start blogging? "I started blogging as a way of being able to connect with like minded people and to get to write about something I was really interested in, as it was a nice break from essays at University! My favorite blogs to read at the moment are Mermaidens, The Cinnamon Slipper La Flaneuse Charmaine, Esme and the Laneway, Pineneedle Collective, and Polly Bland."

   How do you gather inspiration? What do you do in times that you feel uninspired? "I try to find creative inspiration in all of the little things in life but I would say that I often feel inspired listening to music (I have an undying passion for Blink 182!) and I find style inspiration through reading other blogs and looking at vintage photographs on the internet."

   What are your favorite things about summer? "One of my favorite things about summer is being able to eat outside! I love being able to have barbecues with my friends and family. Nothing beats eating veggie burgers in the sunshine!"

   If you could share with the world one thing that you have learned in the past year, what would that be? "I think that having finished my degree with a good mark has taught me that if you work hard and persevere, you will see results!"

   What is your favorite vintage piece of clothing that you own, and what's the story behind it? "This was super difficult to answer! I would say probably a vintage Laura Ashley dress that I found charity shopping with my nan. She treated me to it and then shortened it for me. It's so we made and had a beautiful pattern, and it's my go to dress when I can't decide what to wear as I always feel nice wearing it!"

Find more of Jodi on her blog, instagram, chictopia, lookbook, and twitter. 


  1. wow, this segment is a cool idea. and jodi pops's style is amazingggg! so many adorable outfits! i'm totally gonna go stalk her blog now.

  2. Ahhh, she's adorable! Loving this feature too.

    xo Kristina Rose

  3. I love her style! Off to check out her blog now. Really loved this :)

  4. She is adorable, must follow! Thanks for introducing us to her!

    xox Sammi


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